Photography Education | Visual Literacy | East Africa
What We Do
We provide a platform that not only promotes the best of today’s photojournalism and documentary photography in Uganda but also supports a broad programme of visual literacy and visual education. We also seek to remind the viewing public of the importance of creativity, freedom of expression, and vibrant press for democratic development.
The award soon became just one small part of a much larger organization, and in 2016 we established the FOTEA Foundation to support the growing scale of the award and our other activities.

We aim to bring together photographers and other visual storytellers, to encourage and champion viewpoints that document and engage with social change in Uganda and East Africa.

At any time you can expect to find a busy schedule including the Awards, the Emerging Photographer Mentorship Programme; workshops, photography talks, film screenings, portfolio reviews, and exhibitions.
Who We Are
We are a small team of two women who are passionate about photography, photographers and photographs. We’re based in Kampala, Uganda, where we move between lots of different spaces to host our events and gatherings. Despite our small size, we’ve seen great success in helping friends and alumni to gain exposure, get published, and forge careers in international media. Through our work we provide photographic and visual literacy education and organise competitions, exhibitions, and other related activities.
Our Mission
To offer a truly supportive platform for photographers in East Africa, creating opportunities for people to connect, learn, and grow. We provide photographic and visual literacy education and organize competitions, exhibitions, and other related activities.
Our Vision
Our vision is to make photography and photographic education accessible to everyone, to ensure that they have the rights and tools to tell their own stories.
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