Visualising Change: A Photography Masterclass on Climate Change, Climate Justice and Underrepresented Communities

Visualising Change: A Photography Masterclass on Climate Change, Climate Justice and Underrepresented Communities
Climate change is an issue that already affects and will become even more pressing in the near future also in Uganda. Unfortunately, it often seems like it’s an issue which is too big or too abstract for ordinary people to respond to effectively or to consider in everyday life.

FOTEA has partnered with Leeds University to organise a photography masterclass titled “Visualising Change”. The workshop will explore ways in which photographers can visually represent topics relating to climate change. How to document and communicate urgent issues linked to climate justice and the effects of a changing climate on underrepresented communities, transport, housing, economic wellbeing and livelihoods, health and access to water?

By exploring how to tell better stories about the local impacts of climate change in Kampala’s urban environment we hope to equip visual storytellers with the tools that they need to create work that raise awareness of the issue, to help people to understand the crisis better as well as to give them tools with which to advocate for change.

Who is eligible?
Professional and emerging photographers are welcomed to join. This could be an opportunity to enhance an existing body of work or start on a new one based on some of the themes shared above.

Practical Information:
The masterclass will be taught by documentary photographers Edward Echwalu and Georgia Goodwin. Participants will also receive tuition related to Gender, Generation and Climate Change (GENERATE): Creative Approaches to Building Inclusive and Climate Resilient Cities in Uganda and Indonesia, a research project which this masterclass is a part of.

Each participant will receive a small stipend to help them realise their project.

The masterclass will take place over approximately three weeks starting with July 20th 2022.
More information will be communicated to the selected participants.

How to apply?
Please fill in this form and submit the following:

1. A motivation for your participation in either word or pdf format.
2. A portfolio, which can be either a link to a website or a pdf file. Please note; you do not need to have worked on a climate-related story but if you have, do share.
3. A potential story idea you would like to develop should you be admitted, to be submitted in word or pdf format. This will be refined during the masterclass. Again, already existing stories are welcome.  

Deadline: July 15th


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